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Last joined us: Real Devaluado, Welcome and wish you a nice game!
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31.12.13 21:34:37 - Happy New Year!

All of the team at would like to thank you all for playing our server this year, we have been running now for a long time and it wouldn't be possible without you. Let's hope 2014 is as successful with many more fun events! Happy New Year!

Posted by God Ferana

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26.12.13 01:56:17 - 2000 followers on Facebook !
Thanks alot for following us on Facebook! We've reached 2000 likes now on facebook :-)

Posted by God Ferana

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19.12.13 19:24:26 - Double exp this weekend!

Are you up for some monster slashing? If so, the upcoming double XP weekend is a good time to hit the hunting grounds. At this saturday and sunday, all monsters will yield x2 the usual amount of experience points. We are looking forward to see you :)

Posted by God Ferana

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