Latestnews - ferana 10.97-10.99
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Ferana will open at 27 January 2017 at 18:00 CEST

Time left for release:

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IP: or 7171 |  Version: 10.97 - 10.99
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Server starting: 27 january 2017 at 18:00 CEST

Map: 100% Global Map with all quests setted up, new island Krailos, new área Otherworld, all respawns of the NPCs. All Main quests without missions, such as: Ferumbras Ascendant Quest, Heart of Destruction Quest, Cast System, Reward Chest, Private War system
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13 Jan 2017 -
Launch Announcement!
What is Ethania?
Ethania is a fun and easy to enjoy 10.97-10.99 RL-map server, with perfect exp stages and lots of great unique features. Ethania will start Friday, 27 January at 18:00 CEST. There will be NO resets at Ethania!

Clients supported: 10.97, 10.98 & 10.99

Exp Stages:
1-7 70x
8-29 60x
30-49 50x
50-74 35x
75-94 20x
95-119 15x
120-149 10x
150-199 5x
200-299 3x
300-xxx 2x

Skill Rate: 25x
Magic Level Rate: 7x
Loot Rate: 2.5x

What are the main features of Ethania:
- Real map 10.99 with 100% map incl. The Otherworld!
- Real Tibia like monsters
- All major quests: Ferumbras ascending Quest, Rathleton Quest, Oramond Quest, Roshamuul Quest, War Against the Hive, Gnomebase
- AI Bosses
- over 80 obtainable outfits and mounts
- Market, offline training
- Cast System
- Anti-kick system. You lose connection to your internet? Thanks to our system you will have a big chance of surviving!
- Tired of all those servers which are restarted every month? We will never reset the server! As long as the server has active players we will never do this!

Map Information:
- 100% RL Tibia map 10.99
- Full Oramond
- Full Roshamuul
- Full Otherworld
- Full Krailos
- All main quests working

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Donation shop will be available 2 days before server start!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
You can catch us easiest either on our Facebook page, or on the forums.

Ethania Staff

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